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Farrah VS Melina

Warning--Video Contains Major Wardrobe Malfunctions. This video is a best out of 3 submission match between Farrah and Melina. Farrah is in a red thong bikini and Melina is in a blue bikini. The first match is a scissors match. Both ladies put each other into various different scissor holds. Both ladies from the beginning have trouble staying in their tops as they try to pick up the submission. Eventually Farrah wears down Melina and picks up the submission and the win. In round 2 Melina is not very happy losing to a newcomer and wants a match where everything is allowed. Both ladies go back and forth until Melina is able to wear Farrah down for the submission and the win. Still unhappy Melina decides to tie Farrah's hands behind her back to humiliate her. Melina talks trash to her and asks her to accept defeat which Farrah eventually does. In the final round Farrah is very angry with what just happened. They talk trash throughout the round. The match is back and forth until Farrah starts taking control. Farrah gets the submission and win. But she doesn't stop there. She keeps putting Melina in more holds and Melina keeps pleading that she submits but Farrah will not stop with the punishment. Farrah even picks up Melina and walks her around like a dog to get her pay back and humiliate Melina. One final body scissors hold leaves Melina flat on her back and exhausted. Other holds featured are chinlock, boston crab, backstretch, chokes, bearhug, crossface, sleeperholds, and more. Approximately 20 minutes.