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Farrah VS Melina 2

Warning--Video Contains Major Wardrobe Malfunctions. This video features 2 matches between Farrah and Melina. Melina is preparing for a photoshoot. She is sitting on the couch in her black lingerie and texting on her phone. Farrah arrives in her tank top and jean shorts and asks Melina what she is doing here. Apparently they were double booked. They decide to wrestle to decide who gets the photoshoot for today. Farrah removes her clothing and wrestles in her black lingerie. The match is back and forth and there is a ton of trash talking in this match. Melina has trouble staying in her top as her breasts keep popping out. They both try to get the pin for the win. Eventually Farrah wears down Melina and gets the pin for the victory. In the next match Melina in a white one piece thong bikini and Farrah is in a light blue bikini. Melina is not too happy losing again to Farrah and wants a no holds barred match. Farrah accepts. Again Melina's wardrobe leaves little to the imagination as both her breasts keep popping out throughout the match. Farrah catches Melina with a quick stomach punch and Melina is unable to recover and its over from there. So much trash talking from Farrah. Farrah finally decides to knockout Melina. From there instead of going for the easy pin she brings out the steel pan and slams an already knockout Melina's head onto it twice. Then she pins her for the easy win. Other holds featured are sleeperholds, bearhug, backstretch, breast smothers, full nelson and body scissors combo, chinlocks, and more. Approximately 20 minutes.