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Farrah VS Melina 3

Warning--Video Contains Major Wardrobe Malfunctions. This video features 3 seperate contests between Farrah and Melina. In the first and second matches the ladies have a 5-count pin match. No holds are applied. The try to over power each other and get the pin. Lots of rolling around in the matches and both ladies have trouble staying in their tops. You get great views of their perfect bootys as they try to get the pin. Many kickouts from pin attempts. After 10 minutes they both end up splitting a win. The next match decides it all. Melina is not too happy that Farrah has been better in most of their matches. Melina is in a red slingshot and Farrah is in a black bikini. Melina tells the camera that you are going to see her beat the crap out of Farrah. Well that doesn't happen as Fararh quickly gets Melina into a headlock and delivers 3 head punches that leave Melina dazed and confused on the floor. And Farah continues and continues to pick up Melina by her slingshot and deliver more and more head punches. Melina keeps dropping like a pile of bricks. Melina again cannot stay in her top and her breasts are popping out. Farrah throws in a backstretch and chinlock to wear down Melina some more. She keeps asking Melina to submit. Melina keeps submitting but Farrah will not end the punishment and talks a ton of trash to her. She also gives Melina a headslam onto the steel pan only to leave her there barely conscious withering in pain and keeps returning to deliver more headslams onto the steel pan. Then Farrah decides to tie Melina's arms behind her back and tie her legs together. She then proceeds to deliver a belly punch and have Melina wither in pain for a moment only to come back and deliver more and more belly punches. Eventually Melina begs Farrah to just please knock her out as she cannot take it anymore. Farrah gives Melina 3 straight belly punches that knock her out. Farrah rolls her over and ties her hands behind her back and ties her legs together. Melina is left unconscious, tied up, and humiliated. Approximately 25 minutes.