High Definition Downloadable Video

Melina VS The Masked Mauler

What supposedly was to be a rematch with Melina and The Masked Mauler ends up being officially a no contest but instead a brawl where Melina and The Masked Mauler trying to humiliate each other to the very most. Melina was not happy with how The Masked Mauler humilated her in their first match. The video picks up with an unconscious Masked Mauler slowly awakening with Melina standing over him. Apparently Melina attacked him from behind pre-match. The Masked Mauler has Melina's stockings on him as she must of removed them and threw them on him. Melina stands over him still in her black dress that she arrived in. The Masked Mauler is shaken up and as he gets up he is able to gain just a little energy and actually put a choke on Melina and then KO her with a headscissors. Then he holds her face to the camera to show that she is KO'ed. Still groggy he decides to put her into a sleeperhold but apparently the hold is not as tight as he usually applies it. Melina starts to awaken while in the sleeperhold and deliver an elbow to The Masked Mauler's stomach. The Masked Mauler falls onto his back and is never able to get up the entire match as Melina quickly undresses into her black bra and thong and applies a long and tight breast smother to The Masked Mauler. The Masked Mauler is out from there as Melina puts him in various holds. He tries to grab her but cannot and collapses each time. Melina is talking trash and making fun of him as she slaps around his face while he is KO'ed. She even does fake pin attempts and even kisses his forehead to make even more fun of him. Kimberly behind the camera is enjoying every moment of the beat down also. The Masked Mauler even starts to twitch and convulse from the beat down. Then Melina applies a final handsmother. She pins him for the unofficial 3-count although she knows there was never a start to the match but just a blatant attack from behind by Melina. Then in a most humiliating fashion she flips him onto his stomach and ties his hands behind his back using her stocking. Instead of ending it there she applies a headscissors to The Masked Mauler in that position and all tied up to add to the humiliation. She gets up and puts her foot on her destroyed victim and smiles and tells Kimberly that this is what is going to happen to her in their next match. Approximately 13 minutes.