High Definition Downloadable Video

Roxy VS Scarlett

This video features a match between Roxy and Scarlett. Both ladies are in skimpy white t-shirts and bikini bottoms. The first lady with the 3-count pin is the winner. The action is even throughout with both ladies KO'ing their opponent multiple times. Both ladies refuse to go for the pin after multiple KO's as they want to continue to dominate their opponent only to have their strategy not work and end up getting dominated and KO'ed themselves. The action is back and forth until the very end when one lady gets the final KO and 3-count pin. Holds featured are full nelsons, headscissors, bearhugs, chokes, dragon sleepers, sleeperholds, standing headscissors and pulling on the bikini bottoms combo, iron claw hold, and more. Approximately 22 minutes.